LED Landscape Lighting Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Spring is here again. Grass is turning green. Flowers are blooming. As you make plans to enjoy your yard this season, be sure to think about lighting. The right kind of illumination can bring beautiful accent to landscaping, visibility to pathways and steps, and a festive mood to outdoor scenery.

Browse our ideas below for inspiration. And shop our offering of landscape lights to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard that you can enjoy long after the sun has gone down. 


Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting is one of the best ways to add subtle accent to stone or rock landscaping. Designed to conceal the source of light, these fixtures can create a sleek, seamless look along retaining walls, deck steps, stone architecture, and more.

LED deck lights
Choose the color temperature that compliments your outdoor space. We offer warmer shades, daylight, or cool vibrant white.
Install along stone or concrete patios and decks for to create a more welcoming entryway.
Hardscape lights add just as much safe visibility as they do decorative ambiance and depth to a space.

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Smart Lighting

Choose outdoor lights that can be controlled wirelessly from a smart phone app or remote, and you will have greater customization and convenience over your light displays. Creating a totally wireless system is a great option for spaces where you want the ability to adjust the color, brightness, and even dynamic color-changing patterns of light. Adapt the same lights to the changing seasons, for holidays and special occasions, all with the simple slide of your finger.

Super Bright LEDs offers a range of complete fixtures, as well as smart bulbs to retrofit your existing path, spot, or flood lights.

Smart bulbs like this MR16 can be used in landscape spot lights to create thousands of colors.
COMING SOON: This LED integrated Flood Light creates the full spectrum of colors and shades of white, selected and changed with the use of a phone app or RF remote.

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G-LUX: a complete plug-and-play system

G-LUX is a Super Bright LEDs brand of landscape lights that makes it easy to link multiple fixtures and connect to power. This totally plug-and-play system is a convenient choice for quick installation.

These lights are high quality and the cable connections are so easy to connect. We have had this system for over 2 years and recently decided to relocate the lights. The overall selection of cables and connectors made this a really easy change. – Matt, customer review
These G-LUX well lights link together with a simple, watertight plug-in connection. No splicing or cutting, no worrying about water intrusion.

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Submersible Lights

Landscape lighting isn’t just for dry ground. LED fixtures built with a submersible rating can withstand extended exposure to moisture, splashes, even jets of water. Provide accent lighting to ponds, fountains, marine docks, and pools. Check and make sure the light has the type of rating you need for your application.

Uplight decorative rocks from the water below. Highlight a cascading waterfall from behind.

Let people see your fountain after the sun has gone down by installing in-ground well lights.


Water illumination doesn’t have to be just one shade of white. With Super Bright LEDs selection of RGB and RGB+CCT light fixtures, you can bring the full spectrum of colors to your dock, pool, or pond. The video above shows GL2 series In-Ground Well Light‘s auto-cycle. It conveniently moves through colors in a 2 minute pattern for easy, gradual dynamic lighting.

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Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights aren’t necessarily part of the “landscape,” but they can be a dramatic element of making a home more inviting for guests, and accessible for outdoor activities. There are standard security light options, often controlled by integrated motion sensors. They are ideal for illuminating only when you need it, around perimeters or above a garage. Gooseneck barn lights or wall sconces serve a practical as well as decorative purpose, giving an added layer of architectural style to your doorways.

COMING SOON: The bronze finish and classic style of this WLL series wall sconce will compliment a range of landscape and architectural styles.



Make your outdoor space your own

The options above are just a few ideas to get you started as you plan your next landscaping project. Bringing pleasant lighting into an outdoor space extends the enjoyment you get out of it well past dusk. It polishes exterior architecture, makes an entryway more inviting, and can turn a backyard into an additional living space. For more LED lighting solutions, as well as technical and customer support, visit SuperBrightLEDs.com

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