When to Use a Flush Ceiling Light vs a Semi Flush Ceiling Light

You may have a statement foyer pendant, a beautiful dining room chandelier, and a stunning lighting fixture in the main living space, but what about those utilitarian areas such as hallways, laundry rooms, closets, and rec rooms? Do they have to look so basic and boring or are there options available that more seamlessly blend with the other decorative fixtures in the home?

Good news! There are plenty of attractive flush ceiling lights and semi flush lighting fixtures on the market that can make every spot in your home look stylish while providing great illumination.

Perhaps the single most important factor in deciding whether you want to have a flush mount or semi-flush mount is ceiling height. While a flush light – which is more shallow in depth and mounts flush to the ceiling – is appropriate for 7- and 8-foot ceilings, rooms with 9- and 10-foot ceilings would be better served with a semi-flush style. The semi-flush (which extends further from the ceiling than a flush mount) will look nicer visually, plus places the light closer to the living space below. If the room has a 10-foot ceiling or higher, the best option for providing the proper amount of light is a chandelier or pendant.

Advantages of a Flush Light

When to Use a Flush Ceiling Light vs a Semi Flush Ceiling Light - LightsOnline Blog

There are times when the aesthetic you want for your home is a streamlined one, with minimal interruptions on the ceiling. For example, in a narrow hallway with a 7-foot ceiling, a flush light will provide adequate illumination without being a safety concern for tall residents or guests.

In spaces that may involve vertical storage (i.e. mud rooms, laundry rooms, or closets), a flush light can help you maximize storage space. Conversely, if a semi-flush were used in a 7- or 8-foot ceiling, it could make the hallway or laundry room seem smaller because the fixture extends down from the ceiling, making the ceiling appear lower than it is. There is a wide variety of flush mount styles available, from simple and classic to fashion-forward and everything in between, to suit the ambiance you want to create.

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Advantages of a Semi Flush Light

When to Use a Flush Ceiling Light vs a Semi Flush Ceiling Light - LightsOnline Blog

When you want to make a decorative impression in a space with a ceiling that is approximately 9 feet high, a semi flush ceiling light will work beautifully. Since the semi-flush extends a bit downward from the ceiling plane, it is more in people’s line of sight. For this reason, it is deliberately more noticeable than a flush light and is typically selected to visually enhance the area, such as a breakfast nook or casual dining area or in hallways, mudrooms, bathrooms, or laundry rooms with ceilings of 9 feet or higher.

There is another benefit to using a semi-flush: it provides additional reflectance by shining light up against the ceiling plane, which is then reflected downward. When comparing the amount of illumination from a flush light versus a semi-flush light, you will get more light from installing a semi-flush.

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There are plenty of semi flush lighting fixtures in range of contemporary, traditional, and transitional designs to suit nearly every environment and accentuate the style you have established for the rest of the room. Both flush lights and semi-flush lights are great choices for illuminating rooms with lower ceilings. You can find a vast assortment of both types at LightsOnline.com to suit all budgets and home styles.

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